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June 22, 2018

Just wanted to reach out and express my gratitude for all you do! The flowers are beautiful and mean so much to our residents.

Thank you!!

Brianna L. Hoban, NHA

Assistant Administrator

Allied Services- Skilled Nursing Center

Write a catchy title...

"Thank you for evoking many smiles from our resident recipients"

Mary Louise Kranick 

Abington Manor activities director

"Thank you for the flowers that you shared with our residents. It was a blessing and our residents loved them!"


Green Ridge nursing home activities director

"I am so grateful to you for bringing smiles and rays of sunshine and uplifting our residents' spirits with their beautiful flower arrangements."

Sister Theresa Louisa

Holy Family Sisters of the Poor

"It makes me feel happier when I have arrangements of flowers!"



"It is a beautiful memory of my father's flower garden."



"It is refreshing to have the smell of flowers in my room."



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